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Let's Be Real - We All Hate Insurance.

Every time insurance comes up in conversation, there are usually two predominant maxims that arise. The first: "Insurance is a scam." The second: "Thank God I was covered!" I don't really disagree with the spirit of this first statement. Insurance sucks. It's overcomplicated, intentionally confusing, overly legalistic and to top it all off, everyone that works in it is horrible (with the exception of myself and my very smart friends). That being said, it is extremely useful. No one is going to ever actually put money aside year after year for potential calamitous accidents that could completely derail their lives and businesses. And even if you did, you would never be able to save enough to avoid the shock losses that all too often spring up in the course of life. Time and time again I meet contractors that have experienced huge losses and yet still moan ceaselessly about the insurance that they are required to buy - the same insurance that saved them tens of thousands of dollars. That being said, I get where they're coming from. The policies are 80 pages long (your broker will never explain them to you), you have to deal with the politics of competing carriers and agencies, the incompetence of underqualified firms, late certificates, bloated premiums, gaps in coverage... the list goes on and on. Many companies find a sub par broker and stick with them for years because even if they can't find the cheapest rates, at least they have some shred of integrity and professionalism. I am, for my clients at least, looking to end this misery. I am not partial to any carrier I have an appointment with. While your broker is partying in Miami on a paid vacation, I will be sitting at my office in Palo Cedro, churning out certificates for contractors that rely on my quick service. Hopefully, I can do the same for you. And if I can't win you over on price, coverage, or service... maybe I can take you fishing in the Sacramento sometime and send you home with more salmon than you can possibly fit in your F-150. If that doesn't do the trick, you might end up in the Sacramento yourself. That's a joke. A half-joke. I'll make sure you can swim first.

- Sam Louwrens


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